Priorities Matter Ministries

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Priorities Matter Ministries (PMM). PMM is lead by Jon Cannon, Senior Pastor of Victory Free Will Baptist Church in O’Fallon, Illinois which he and his family planted in 1999.

The purpose of Priorities Matter Ministries (PMM) is to first and foremost assist the local church in fulfilling their God-given mission.  We have a tremendous desire to come along side the local church, pastors, and fellow Christ followers to encourage, train, and equip them so they can “walk in God’s favor!”

During a season of prayer, Pastor Jon was laying out his goals for the next three to five years.  During this time he prayed that these plans would be  “God-sized” and not “Jon-sized.”  Well, out of that time of prayer and mediation PMM was birthed!

In 2 Samuel 7:29, King David went in and sat in the presence of the Lord.  He then asked, “Now, please bless your servant’s house so that it will continue before You forever.”  In short, David was asking for God’s favor!

In order to “walk in God’s favor” PMM focuses on the top four priorities of your life:

Priority #1: Your relationship with Christ

Priority #2: Your relationship with your spouse

Priority #3: Your relationship with your children and family

Priority #4: Your career and/or ministry

I am available to assist you in all four of these priorities.  To schedule an event or gather more information please send an email or call 618.581.1391 and I will be more than glad to share with you how PMM can assist you and your ministry.

Mission Statement

PMM is committed to ministering along side the local church, in enhancing the spiritual, marital, family, and vocational relationships of their pastors, parish, and ministry, thus enabling them to walk in God’s favor.

Vision Statement

Prioritize your life, then walk in God’s favor! (Matthew 22:35-40)

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