How To Pray Effectively

“Can you to point to some recent incident in which you know that your prayers were effective?” James 5:16b reads: “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

I don’t know about you, but that is my desire for my prayer life – to be powerful and effective!  In order to be effective in our praying I believe Scripture shares with us several things we need to do:

1. Pray Biblically.

We must pray in accordance with the “will of God” and with the “doctrines of God.”  There is one major principle we must understand about our praying, and it is this, “God will never lead you, give you, or answer any of your prayers that are contrary to His written Word.”  Therefore, our praying must be biblical.

2. Pray Specifically.

As you study the prayers of the Apostle Paul you will notice that he prayed specifically.  There were prayers for courage, loneliness, finances, purity, health, colleagues, converts, wisdom, discouragement, pressures, opportunities, love, direction, spiritual growth, and faithfulness.  The point is, he prayed specifically! Continue reading